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Deadline for submission of Grant Applications seeking in excess of $10,000 in grant funding in 2018 are due December 31, 2017. Beginning January 1, 2017, the Kulis Foundation implemented changes to its Grant and Donation procedures, requirements and submission deadlines. Please review the Grant and Donation Requests sections of our website, along with the Grant Application Form and Donation Request Form for details.

Grants & Donations

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Helping agencies and organizations within the Orthodox Church and § 501(c)(3) organizations designed to foster educational, medical and humanitarian aid nationally and internationally throughout the Greek or Orthodox communities is of utmost importance to the Kulis Foundation. At this time, Grant and Donation opportunities are limited to agencies, organizations and churches within the Greek Orthodox Church of America, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America and the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese of the USA.  In addition, agencies of the Assembly of Bishops as well as § 501(c)(3) organizations providing services and programs for members and churches of these jurisdictions, which may also provide services and programs to other Orthodox jurisdictions may apply for Grant and Donation opportunities.  § 501(c)(3) organizations providing services and programs to the Greek Community throughout the world are also welcomed to apply for Grant and Donation opportunities.


Personal commitment and sacrifice of board members or governing officers’ time, talent and treasure are critical to any organization’s operation, management and ultimate success. The Kulis Foundation therefore requires evidence that the board members or governing officers of all grant applicants give their time, talent and treasure to their applying organization, and have the ability to carry out the proposed program/project and manage the grant funds. The Kulis Foundation will reject any organization’s application that fails to comply with the grant proposal submission requirements, including an adequate detail of the personal commitments of time, talent and treasures of its board members or governing officers, and the ability to carry out the proposed program/project and manage the grant funds. The Kulis Foundation awards grants that may provide all or some of the funds needed to carry out the objectives of your organization’s program/project.

The Kulis Foundation considers grant requests seeking 100% of a project’s or program’s funding. However, the most compelling and more frequently awarded grant applications go to organizations that propose and implement programs where the Kulis Foundation matches other donations made to an applying organization. Matching programs promote sustainable philanthropy and longevity for your organization. Under a matching grant, your organization commits to raise a certain amount of funds – from its board members, directors, officers, members, stewards, solicitations, businesses, employer matching programs, foundations and other sources – within an agreed upon time period. The Kulis Foundation commits to match the funds raised, which provides an excellent incentive to increase the financial support for your organization. The Kulis Foundation encourages applying organizations to design a grant program that implements a matching funds approach to raising funds. Additionally, and for all organizations that receive a grant, the Kulis Foundation requires submission of a verified accounting demonstrating transparent use of grant funds received from the Kulis Foundation.

The Kulis Foundation does not accept email inquiries asking for grants or donations, all inquiries must be made by filling out and submitting an application.

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